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SONOS Authorized dealer, Pakedge Authorized Dealer, Universal Remote Control Authorized Dealer, All Installations and Products are covered in a 1 Year Warranty, Emergency Services, After Hours Mobile Tech Support, 17 years experience

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Today’s homes have a plethora of devices that require proper installation to function properly. Ultra Audio/Video is a local home automation specialist that can help you create a good network system in your home so you can enjoy the numerous benefits smart home products provide.

Our Services

Home Automation Services

Home Automation Services
We provide home automation services, including installation, connecting, networking, setting, and repair. Improve your listening experience with a professional Sonos installation. Or have your light control system reset and customized to your specifications. We offer custom remote controls as well as light control services.

Sonos, TV, and Home Theater Installation

Sonos, TV, and Home Theater Installation
Our skilled technicians can assist you with installing and setting up your new home theater system. They can add surround sound, fix devices that are not working, or do the networking job for you. If you are interested in smart home technology, we are the guys to call. We can also offer Sonos installation, TV installation, and other home entertainment setup services.

WiFi Issue Repair

WiFi Issue Repair
Have a problem with your WiFi connection that you cannot fix yourself? Worry not! Our technicians are here to assist you. They will troubleshoot your home WiFi and router issues and provide you with a reasonable solution. If your only option is a replacement, they will help you purchase new equipment at fair rates.

Security System Installation

Security System Installation
Stay safe with our professional security camera and alarm system installation services. Our technicians have been providing customers from Plandome, NY and the surroundings with excellent security solutions for many years. They can design and install the perfect system for your property. We can also offer network installation services.

Telephone System Installation

Telephone System Installation
When you choose a new phone system, it may be because your old one has broken or you would like to upgrade to a smart solution. Whatever the reason you seek assistance with a new telephone system installation project, call Ultra Audio/Video and rest easy knowing that you have made the right choice for a professional.


When to Call Us

Ultra Audio/Video is an independent home theater installation and repair consultant that can help you design the perfect networking infrastructure for your home. We provide new technology insights, product reviews, and configuration recommendations for users seeking high-performance home automation networks. Want your window shades lowered or left the security camera off? Our professionals can make all that as easy as pressing a button on your phone.

How Do We Do It

Regardless of the type of services you need, our specialists will carefully listen to your needs and come up with a solution that incorporates all your requirements. Equipped with high-tech tools and the best products available, our automation expert sets up home audio and visual systems that go beyond the highest expectations of our valued clients in Plandome, NY and the other areas we serve.

Keep in mind that all our services are available to both residential and commercial clients in and around the Plandome, NY area. In addition to that, successful referrals get a complimentary free service on the next appointment. What are you waiting for? Get your new system set up today by calling for our excellent installation services now!

Client Testimonials

by Colin M. Garth on Ultra Audio/Video
Perfect Service

You provided me with a home automation service that deserves to be mentioned as a first-class service. It is the technological help that I wanted so much because you proved that entertainment at home is much better with the proper sound system. Thank you for your quick and excellent service. Rest easy, knowing that you will get the support from us - we will recommend your services!

Ultra Audio/Video
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  • TV Installation
  • Home Theater Installation
  • WiFi Issue Repair
  • Security Camera Installation
  • Network Installation
  • Security Alarm Installation
  • Telephone System Installation
  • Light Control Services
  • Custom Remote Controls

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